Nashville Whiskey Festival September 11th-14th
  • September 11th

    September 11th Dropdown

    "Iron Cocktail"
    • Rotunda
    • 200 Guests Maximum
    • $65 per Person
    • Dress Casual Attire

    Appetizers TBD
  • September 12th

    September 12th Dropdown

    "The Antique Collection"
    • Library & Boardroom
    • 40 Guests Maximum
    • $225 per Person
    • Business Casual Attire

    Whiskey staved platters with year-long cured ham by Porter Road Butchers
  • September 13th

    September 13 Dropdown

    "Women and Whiskey"
    • Conservatory & Courtyard
    • 225 Guests Maximum
    • $75 per Person
    • Boots & Hats Attire

  • September 14th

    September 14th Dropdown

    "Grand Tasting"
    • Curb Conservatory, Courtyard, and Ford Theatre
    • 1000+ Guests
    • $85 General Admission/ $135 VIP
    • Dress Casual Attire

  • Who Benefits?

    Who Benefits

    The Nashville Clean Water Project

    The largest water cleanup in Nashville history, and getting bigger all the time.

Grand Tasting
Saturday / September 14th

This event features approximately seventy distillers pouring product and offering educational seminars from 6–10pm. There will also be a cigar bar, an outdoor pavilion, and a full spread of snacks available throughout the evening.

"Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey"
Saturday / September 14th

World Premier Film Release
Here is the story of whiskey making told from the craftsmen that create the most recognizable whiskey on the planet to the new artisans who are bringing back this time honored profession to Tennessee.

Iron Cocktail
Wednesday / September 11th

This evening will feature eight of Nashville’s Best Bartenders working with a particular Whiskey and a “secret” ingredient to make the best cocktail possible. Four “celebrity” judges will determine the winner of each of the four rounds. Participants will have the opportunity to sample the winning cocktails.

The Antique Collection
Thursday / September 12th

A tribute to arguably the greatest American whiskeys’ produced today, this event features the most sought after whiskeys in the U.S. right now. Special seminar conducted by Chris Fletcher of Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

Women and Whiskey
Friday / September 13th

This event features a panel of four women including Stephanie Ridgeway, Brand Manager and Ambassador for Highland Park Scotch, Allison Patel, owner of Brenne Whiskey, and Hollis Bulleit, a trailblazer in the brown spirits industry. Rounding out the panel will be Troy Ball, owner and distiller of Troy & Sons whiskey out of Asheville.

A New Nashville Tradition

It will be hard to top last year’s Nashville Whiskey Festival blowout. That won’t stop us from making this year’s celebration a double, featuring Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Japanese whiskeys in addition to bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, our very own “Native Spirit.”

Nashville Whiskey Fest 2013 is going to be bigger, better, bolder, smokier, and peat-ier than anything you’ve ever seen. Join us for a week of contests, sampling sessions, seminars, and spirits education panels beginning on September 11th and culminating in a Grand Tasting at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum Curb Conservatory and Courtyard on September 14th, 2013.

Regardless of personal preferences, the simple truth is that Music City likes its whiskey the way it likes its music: handcrafted carefully and with passion by talented technicians.

Come and meet the men and women behind your favorite whiskeys and help us establish a new Nashville tradition! 

Tickets go on sale August 1st and we are expecting a huge crowd, so don’t wait -- sign up for one (or all) of our events today!

Are You a Bartender?

One open spot remains in the Nashville Whiskey Festival Iron Cocktail Competition - this spot could be yours! 


Nashville Whiskey Video! Bam!

Featured Whiskeys

Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 15 Year
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
High West 21 Year**
High West Son of Bourye
High West Rendezvous Rye
High West Double Rye
High West Campfire
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout