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Presented by Straight UP 615

The goal of this festival is to encourage participants to truly taste, learn, and explore all the nuances in a variety of whiskeys, so Straight Up 615 is bringing you multiple seminars to discover. Admission to Corkdorks Whiskey U is included in the ticket prices for the Grand Tasting Event. Seminars will be held Saturday, September 14th from 1pm-5pm. Please note seating is limited therefore attendance to individual seminars is on a first-come first-served basis.



1:00PM -2:00PM

Barrel Rooms 1-4

Ham It Up: TN vs KY Top Chef contestant Sara Bradley and local legend Matt Bolus go head to head pairing country hams and whiskeys from their home states. In this game of pork and whiskey, no one loses.

It’s In the Nose Behind the scenes, these organoleptically inclined professionals create the products we know and love. Learn what the experts are looking for when analyzing barrel samples and creating a blend, how to nose your whiskey for faults, and  identify aromatic profiles. 

Wood Works Kelvin Cooperage discusses how wood impacts a whiskey’s final flavors and aromas, and how they select barrels for finishing. What happens in the barrel doesn’t stay in the barrel… thankfully!

Dram It. Who Puts An E In Whisk(e)y? Master of Scotch Craig Vaught explores the history and tradition of the pot still through Scotch and Irish Whiskies. Compare and contrast the techniques, rules, and ingredients of the neighboring producers. 



Barrel Room 5

The Not So Smooth Road To Tennessee Whiskey In what will be the largest convergence of Tennessee Whiskey producers, we’ll discuss the history of our native spirit. From early settlers, through Prohibition, to the ever-expanding current landscape of Tennessee Whiskey distillers, we’ll finally answer the question, is Tennessee Whiskey really bourbon?



Barrel Rooms 1-4

Crafty : Craft Distillers come together to discuss the challenges, opportunities, freedoms, and frustrations of distilling on the small side of the tracks.

Better Whiskey Through Chemistry: Congeners, lignins, phenolic compounds, oh my. Ever wondered where that banana smell comes from? Or why all those stills are made of fingerprint-prone copper? Dust off your Trapper Keeper and dive deep into the science of making whiskey. 

Mix It Up: Curated, crafted, thoughtful cocktails are all they’re cracked up to be. Cooper Spirits lends us Ryan Yamada to shake up a batch of courage- the courage to create your own cocktail with an interactive mixology lesson.