Jenny Pennington

Jenny Pennington is the founder of SPEAKeasy Marketing, the largest spirits marketing company in Tennessee, and co-created Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream—the first all-American cream liqueur featuring premium-aged, Tennessee whiskey—with husband and business partner Jeff Pennington.  Jenny has a diverse background in the spirits industry. Prior to founding her  marketing company, she started Dynamic Digital Designs, LLC, with then fiancé Jeff Pennington, a software and advertising company, leveraging supplier relationships to generate advertising revenue, and closed ad contracts with Patron Spirits Company, Brown-Forman, Pernod Richard, MillerCoors and Proximo Spirits.  

She began her career in sales with Nashville-based wine and spirits distributor, Best Brands, Inc. after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in business administration with a minor in marketing.  Jenny quickly adapted to the industry and consistently exceeded sales and distribution goals. Within two years, she was promoted to on-premise liquor manager where she was responsible for recruiting, training and managing a sales team of six associates. Jenny lead her sales team to a 25% increase in product distribution through the development of marketing campaigns with major manufacturers including Beam Global, SKYY Spirits, Sazerac, Bacardi USA and Brown-Forman. 

Jenny lives in Nashville with husband Jeff and their beloved dog Shafer who is often seen on Whisper Creek’s Facebook page. The Pennington’s enjoy travelling, dining and creating unique spirits they love sharing with others.

Founder of SPEAKeasy Marketing