Nashville Whiskey Festival September 11th-14th
  • September 11th

    September 11th Dropdown

    "Iron Cocktail"
    • Rotunda
    • 200 Guests Maximum
    • $65 per Person
    • Dress Casual Attire

    Appetizers TBD
  • September 12th

    September 12th Dropdown

    "The Antique Collection"
    • Library & Boardroom
    • 40 Guests Maximum
    • $225 per Person
    • Business Casual Attire

    Whiskey staved platters with year-long cured ham by Porter Road Butchers
  • September 13th

    September 13 Dropdown

    "Women and Whiskey"
    • Conservatory & Courtyard
    • 225 Guests Maximum
    • $75 per Person
    • Boots & Hats Attire

  • September 14th

    September 14th Dropdown

    "Grand Tasting"
    • Curb Conservatory, Courtyard, and Ford Theatre
    • 1000+ Guests
    • $85 General Admission/ $135 VIP
    • Dress Casual Attire

  • Who Benefits?

    Who Benefits

    The Nashville Clean Water Project

    The largest water cleanup in Nashville history, and getting bigger all the time.


Chris Fletcher

Chris Fletcher joined Buffalo Trace Distillery as Lead Chemist in 2011.  He has worked in the whiskey industry since 2001, with experience in distilleries across North America. Chris’s distilling knowledge began early.  Growing up in Lynchburg, TN, he learned the trade from his grandfather, Mr. Frank Bobo, the fifth Master Distiller at Jack Daniels Distillery.

Chris’s passion to follow in his family’s distilling tradition led him to earn a Chemistry Degree from Tennessee Technological University.  Directly after college, Chris started working for a global spirits company, where he enhanced his depth of knowledge for 10 years, before joining Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Chris has quickly made a positive and enhancing impact on Buffalo Trace Distillery’s team. He plays a crucial role in ensuring Buffalo Trace’s award- winning spirits continue to be crafted with consistent quality and taste. He also utilizes his sensory skills and extensive knowledge to help create innovative and exciting new whiskeys.  Chris will be leading the Antique Collection tasting on Thursday evening.

Lead Chemist at Buffalo Trace Distillery